Thanks for an awesome first year!

Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a good holiday season and to give a big thank you to everyone as well!

It’s almost been a year since I first started this blog. I honestly wasn’t sure if anyone was going to tune in and check out my posts but I wanted to try anyways to at least get some of my game related thoughts out there. And to my surprise, quite a few people seem to enjoy those thoughts! Just seeing people view my posts is extremely encouraging and exciting. And seeing people leave a Like or follow the blog is even more exciting! This blog has become something really special to me, something I actually enjoy working on and improving. And I look forward to seeing how much it continues to grow in the future. So please keep supporting me and I promise to make even better content for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks again to everyone who’s checked out the blog. It seriously means so much to me.

I won’t be posting on the blog until January though as I take a break for the holidays, so see you all then and have a fun and safe holiday season!

One response to “Thanks for an awesome first year!”

  1. Merry Christmas Nic!


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