Welcome to Games for Thought!

Hello there! Thank you for checking out my blog. Name’s Nic. Nice to meet you!

Games for Thought is a blog based around discussing games. Talking about things that work or don’t work for some games, or just why we enjoy certain games or aspects about them.

This can include full on game reviews or even just game related topics, like why does this concept work for one game but not another and things like that.

This is also my very first blog, and really the only essay like writing I’ve done outside of school, so please bear with me! I am however very open to feedback and would love for people to get in on the discussion of a topic if it interests you. I’d even say that’s the main reason I started writing, to find some like minded people to talk with.

And once again, thank you so much for giving this blog a chance! I’ll try to update it every so often, so please stay tuned for more if you’re interested. Thanks!

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